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Flexo Printing

Flexographic printers are ideal for larger orders because of their ability to handle a larger output. Our machines work with a wide range of paper, card stock and synthetic/film materials.

Printing plates and rollers for a flexographic press

Digital Printing

Digital printers are ideal for smaller projects and multiple projects. It is less labor intensive and has less of a set up than flexographic.

a label being laser die cut to the correct shape

Roll Labels

Roll labels are the most popular label format in the industry. It is easier to dispense for machine applied as well as hand applied.

Layla posing with some sample rolls

4 Color Process

4-Color Process printing is capable of reproducing literally thousands of colors. This is the industry standard method of producing all color magazines, books, and other full color printed material.

Pantone swatch book

Barcode Labels

Barcode digits are unique product identifiers that allow manufacturers and retailers to quickly communicate product information between each other and internal departments

Custom Barcode Label

Wine Labels

We work with a number of wineries throughout the South East. We run all of our wine labels on our digital press and require NO QUANTITIY MINIMUMS!!! As long as your order more $75+ you can have have as many lots as you like!

Custom Win Labels

Beer Labels

Craft beer is a booming market and much like the wineries there are many variations. Don't worry about having to meet quanitity restrictions when you work with us!

Cutom Beer Labels

CBD Labels

Now that Hemp-Derived CBD is legal in all 50 states, the demand is booming! Our state-of-the-art digital press allows us to help with these specialized labels by avoiding the quantity minimums and making it affordable to print small quantities of all your different variaties!

Hemp-Derived CBD Oil
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